LikeConcrete was born in Denmark, it specializes in the design of products made of concrete.
Our products are unique, as well as, our designs made by young artists who love to work with this material, which captures the pure Scandinavian design.


Ground breaking production technique

The story of LIKEconcrete is only possible because we have spent more than two years on developing a casting method that meets our requirements for high quality and unique design.
Today, we can proudly say that we have successfully developed and implemented a new innovative production technique, which enables us to work with shapes and materials in concrete in ways never seen before.
Our moulding technology combined with a careful selection of stones make every product unique and with a completely smooth and almost silky surface.


   Organic & Green

LikeConcrete cares about   environment as a part of our  DNA.

Therefore, all our products are organic. That means, the concrete can released back into nature.

Moreover, we have designed our production and our packaging in harmony to our product taking care of every detail to contribute to nature.